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inDrive, the world's second-largest* ridesharing app, is here to help businesses scale internationally while challenging injustice globally

Supporting Companies to become Scaleups through our unique scaling expertise

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Similar values

Like inDrive, you aim to change the world for the better

Series A

You're in and around that critical Series A stage

Organic fast growth

You're experiencing rapid growth, above 2X–3X year-over-year

Healthy economics

You can demonstrate effective LTV, CAC, and retention

Emerging markets

You operate in at least one of LATAM, MENA, SEA and Central Asia

How we work

Your partners at every step

Connect with people that trust your vision, while providing stability and support. Gain access to new market opportunities, with strong backing.

Making global expansion easier

You'll gain an exclusive advantage by connecting your project to our broad client base and user network. Across 45+ countries, offering valuable access and exposure that take you beyond boundaries.

Trust and belief in human prosperity

Our goal is to be an ethical and transparent organization that promotes fairness both inside and outside the business. It sounds pretty amitious, but this is exactly what drives us.
inDrive New Ventures’ mission
We were the ‘underdogs’ once. Now we will help others using our unique experience
Andries Smit
Vice President
20+ years experience in venturing
Marcial Gonzalez Fraga
Investment Director - Latam
5+ years experience in venture investing
Nurken Rzaliyev
Investment Director - Middle East and Asia
10+ years' experience in entrepreneurship

Fighting social injustice

InDrive makes the world a fairer place through fair prices, job opportunities and visionary non-profit initiatives


Star Team program: Bringing talented students from underserved regions to the world’s best universities

inVision University: Network of non-profit universities, providing the highest quality of education


Supernovas: Free football schools for children in small towns

Running: Sporting project to support local race organizers

IT awards

Aurora Tech Award: Prize for women founders of IT startups that have had profound impacts on world development

Underdog Tech Award: Prize for founders of the best tech startups outside the usual big hubs or startup communities


inDrive International Movie Festival: Supporting and promoting filmmakers from developing and less visible movie industries

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