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Choose driver by rating

Choosing a driver by rating before the ride is our unique feature. After the ride, rate the driver to help other passengers with their choice.

Driver verification and photo control

Every driver undergoes mandatory document verification before starting work with inDrive. We also regularly conduct photo checks.If a different person or car arrives, cancel the order and report it to our support team.

Safety button

With its help, you can quickly contact support, share your route, or call the police. The button looks like a green shield and is located on the main screen of the app.

Trip route

Share your trip route with loved ones: they'll see driver and vehicle information, and can also track your movement in real-time.

Trusted contact

In the app, you can save the phone number of a close person so that in case of an incident, we can reach out to them. You can add or change the contact at any time, even during the trip.

Emergency call

In case of unforeseen circumstances, contact emergency services with one press of a button. We display the current location and vehicle number in the app to make it easier to report the issue to the police.

Chat with your driver

This is a safe way to communicate: the driver doesn't see your phone number and won't be able to contact you outside of the trip.


You can always reach out to our 24/7 support service - we'll be sure to help. Just message us in the in-app chat (located in the side menu) or email us at support@indriver.com.

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