We care about driver safety

We care about the wellbeing of our South African drivers. Scroll down to learn about the inDrive app's safety features and how they can help you drive safer

Passenger pictures
Every passenger has to include a picture in their profile, so you can always see who you'll be driving
Facial recognition
We check that their picture matches their appearance by using facial recognition software
Choose passengers
You can see each passenger's rating and number of previous rides before you decide whether to take them
Choose routes
See each ride's full route and destination before deciding whether to 'skip' or 'accept'
Automatic alerts
If you accept a ride that goes through an area that could be unsafe, we'll alert you and let you cancel the ride
Share your ride
You can always share your ride details with one of your contacts so they can track the ride in real time
SOS buttons
If anything happens, tap the green shield icon to contact the local emergency services or our support team