Feel safe while
riding with inDrive

All your rides with inDrive are insured
inDrive brings an innovative Life and Health Protection facility for its drivers
This plan extends coverage for a range of unforeseen circumstances, encompassing accidental death and permanent total disability arising from accidents, reimbursement for accidental medical expenses, funeral coverage, and even ambulance costs associated with accidents.
Additionally, the plan includes a daily Payment benefit designed specifically for drivers. Moreover, this plan also includes telehealth consultation. This comprehensive insurance not only ensures the well-being of both passengers and drivers but also emphasizes loyalty coverage to enhance their security.
  • Reimbursement of ambulance costs for the driver if incurred any.
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses in case of an accident.
  • Daily hospital cash benefit for drivers.
  • Provides Lump Sum benefit to the family of the driver in case of accidental death.
  • Cash benefit to cover funeral costs.
  • Provides Lump Sum benefit to the affected in case of a permanent total disability due to an accident.
  • No condition of getting admitted to the hospital in case of medical expense benefit.
  • Generous cash benefit amounts.
  • Simple and easy-to-understand coverage.
  • Fast and seamless, digital claims processing.
Amount (PKR)
Accidental Death Benefit
Permanent Total Disability Benefit
Medical Expense Benefit
Funeral Cost Benefit
Ambulance Cost Benefit
Daily Cash Benefit (for Drivers only)
1 Telehealth consultation per ride
Terms & Conditions
For Drivers the insurance duration is for the whole day given they conducted at least one ride that day.
Daily Hospitalization benefit will start 24 hours after hospitalization and will be provided up to 30 days.
Anyone who takes a ride will get a chance to get 1 Telehealth Consultation. As the number of rides increases accordingly the Tele-Health Consultation.
All Ages are eligible.
Conditions in which a claim is not payable:
Suicide, attempt to suicide, terrorism, self-inflicted injury, and illegal act of the member.
Participating in exercises or operations while serving with either the armed or paramilitary forces or while performing any form of police duty.

Does this provide coverage for Natural Death also?

No, this plan provides coverage for only accidental death.

What is the claim process?

For claims, please call EFU Life Assurance Ltd at UAN 042-111-333-033 or email at Support@mhealth.efulife.com or by post at Claims Department, EFU Life House Plot No 112 8th East Street, DHA Phase 1 Karachi.

Who is covered under this plan? Customer or Driver?

Both the customer and rider are covered under this plan.

When does the coverage start for the passenger?

Coverage will start as soon as the passenger enters the vehicle and the ride is started, till the ride is ended.

When does the coverage start for the driver?

The moment they start their first ride for the day, their coverage for that day starts.

If the customer is not admitted to the hospital, will he get medical reimbursement?

Only in case of accidental medical reimbursements, the customer can show his medical expense slips and get the reimbursement; he does not need to be admitted to the hospital for this reimbursement.

How many Tele-Health consultations are we allowed to use?

You can avail as many Telehealth consultation sessions as many rides you complete. Each ride allows you one session against that ride.

Under what conditions the claim will not be paid?

1. Suicide and attempt to suicide, self-inflicted injury, and illegal act of the customer.
2. Participating in exercises or operations while serving with either the armed or paramilitary forces or while performing any form of police duty.