Make more on longer rides

Sign up and drive with us

$20 minimum fare
Here you'll only find slightly longer rides with a minimum fare of $20 — no annoying $5 rides
Pick your rides
See the passenger and their destination before accepting. Unlimited 'skips' on rides you don't want
0% service payments
We're not taking any percentage for 6 months from our launch. We'll keep service fees as low as we can after that

Ok, but why longer rides?

Because it's better for drivers. Less waiting around, less driving between pick-ups, more money for your time

Who are we?

We're Silicon Valley's next big sucess story: a rideshare app that lets both passengers and drivers get a fair deal.

We launched this year in Australia, with a focus on longer rides. Still haven't tried inDrive? Download the app and let's go for a spin!

bn rides
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