How to top up your account

Learn how to check your balance in the app and to top up your account with different payment methods
Tariffs and Income, rating and stats
  • Click on your profile photo upper left side.
  • And below driver's name you can see your rating which is counting based on the passenger's evaluation.
  • Here you can check the balance and choice the most convenient way to top up your account (Cash, Bank card, bank transfer)
  • My balance - here you can check your actual balance and the amount to be paid in case your balance is negative.
IMPORTNAT! Your balance isn't relevant to the income. The balance is a source to cover the commission. Only you can see this part, the passengers can't do it. Important if you balance is negative, you can not take rides until you paid the amount necessary
  • If you willing to pay by cash please click on Read More and get more info where you can find the nearest recharge point
  • If you want to top out your balance using a CC , fill all the fields would be necessary and for this way the minumun amount to recharge is $50 pesos
  • If a bank transfer is what you want to use fill all the fields, this method take up to 48 hours to be reflected in yor balance
Block about safety
Emergency service availability
  • App alows to request an emergency service if needed. The easiest way to get emergency call is to click on Ambulancia / Policia section.
  • The unique feature is app will save the contact of person which would be informed if any situation happened Just click on "Suguridad y protección" section then fill a reliable person contact info in "Cambiar mi propio contacto"